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    Scorpio SRX-800 Premium
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The Scorpio SRX-800 features the convenience of RFID technology allowing for hands free operation by utilizing Radio Frequency Identification Technology.

Included are a variety of features such as an integrated accelerometer, water resistant remote, built in battery back up and a built in 120 dB siren. The SRX-850000 is equipped with expansion capabilities for the Ignition Disable, Perimeter Sensor and is compatible with all of our factory style connector kits.

    Ultra low power drain main control module (MCM)

    Battery safe-guard with “sleep mode”

    Flashes signal lights

    Soft chirp arming

    Programmable override code to disarm alarm

The Perimeter Sensor provides a remote activated microwave sensor that detects motion in mass around the motorcycle protecting your saddlebags, luggage and other external accessories. It is sensitivity adjustable, and easily turned on or off as needed. No additional installation necessary, the easy to use addition simply plugs in to the accessory harness.

The kit comes with TRX-8 remote transceiver, MCM (main control module),  Perimeter Sensor (SN-5), Built In Back Up Battery, RFID antenna, universal installation kit (GEN-1), accessory harness (ACC-1), and main harness (HAR-1).
Price:   199
Quantity:    piece(s)

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