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    Jensen JPORTG
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 JENSEN 1/8" Black Auxiliary Input Jack

Don't miss a beat! The JENSEN jPortG Auxiliary Input Jack lets you plug your MP3 player or any external audio device into your stereo so you can listen to all your favorite tunes. The jPortG provides interface between the MP3 players headphone output and the stereos auxiliary audio input. comes standard with a 9ft. RCA cable allowing the jPortG to be mounted in any convenient location. Installation is effortless and the jPortG auxiliary input jack is extremely easy to use. Simply plug the RCA cable into the auxiliary input of your stereo system then connect your MP3 player, or any external audio device, into the jPortG with a separately purchased 3ft. audio cable. Now you're ready to rock out, jam out or chill out to your favorite tunes. NOTE: Stereo MUST be equipped with an auxiliary input.

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