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Universal CAN Bus Module KEETEC designed to obtain data from digital CAN BUS vehicle or convert analogue signal to digital data. By using the M CAN module you can find information about the state switched ignition, door, trunk, engine compartment, information about the unlock / lock the vehicle, the vehicle speed to 10 km / h and engine speed above 500 rev / min. Moreover, the M CAN module can send data for flashing with directional lights, lock/unlock the vehicle or release of trunk. The M CAN module significantly shorten installation time of car alarm or other device into the vehicle.

Outputs of M CAN module:

Door contacts

Contact bonnet

Contact boot


Lock original remote control from the vehicle

Unlock original remote control from the vehicle

Engine speed (output is active above 500 rev / min or programmable *)

Vehicle speed (the output is active at up to 10 km / h or pulse)

* Programmable output engine speed

Inputs of M CAN module:

Lock vehicle

Unlock vehicle

Unlock driver’s door

Roll-down windows

Roll-up windows

Trunk open

Hazard lights
Price:   49
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