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    Ampire TST100
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 Tone Generator and Polarity Tester Speaker.

- Output with a 0-8 volt range in a 13 to 10,000 Hz variable

The TST100 offers a series of outputs of 0-8 volts in a 13 to 10,000 Hz variable to adjust system levels, control x-top speakers, link verification and general problem solving. This tester also has a 9V popper speaker for optical speaker connection. Connections can be made via RCA / Cinch or alligator clips. It has an automatic shutdown for longer battery life. It has a very small size, making it easy to use by hand

Usage for:

-Determination of system levels

-Checking crossover points of the speakers

-Verifying links

-9V speaker

-Includes RCA and alligator clips for connection

-Automatic Stop for longer battery life

Knobs - Check for easy style and level adjustments

- 9 Volt battery not included

Price:   39

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