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    Polk Ultramarine P1
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The latest
POLK ULTRAMARINE P1 stereo system is ready for applications, Bluetooth enabled
and Sirius XM compatible.

Firstly the
POLK ULTRAMARINE P1 designed with the boat in mind, has a modular two-part
design with an IPX6-rated waterproof command for the rudder and an IPX5.

components are made of resistant materials thus resistant to corrosion and UV

The new
engineering controller features a 4.3 “TFT screen and an aerodynamic control
panel Simply by downloading the Polk Ultramarine application to your Apple or
Android device, you can turn your phone into the best wireless remote control.
PRC100BC or PRCZ200BC from Polk.

Price:   599
Quantity:    piece(s)

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