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    Scorpio SRX-809 Max
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A full pack
of your motorcycle alarm , includes:

- The Scorpio
SRX-809 introduces the next step in motorcycle alarms by incorporating the
convenience of hand free operation to an ultra-compact 2 way FM paging security
system designed specifically for the motorcycle industry 

Perimeter Sensor (SN-5) provides a remote activated microwave sensor that
detects motion in mass around the motorcycle protecting your saddlebags,
luggage and other external accessories. The built in Three Stage warning chirps
serve as an early warning system to scare away potential thieves.

-The Remote
Ignition Disable( RID-5) provides advanced ignition kill with anti-hijack
features that will immobilize the ignition system to prevent "hot
wiring". It even allows the user to remotely cut off the engine in case of
a hijack attempt. 

Price:   359

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