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    Clifford 330X2J
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 Clifford 330X2J

This car alarm has been created from our company.It doesn't exist  like a model from the manufacturer.It consists of the 330X2D alarm without the perimeter sensor (508D).The packaging and the instruction that are included in the package are for the model 330X2D.

Fault Tolerant CAN OEM Programmable Security Upgrade System. Powered by XPRESSKIT(TM). Use OEM keyless entry remote to control arm & disarm via the CAN BUS. Directed(R) CAN BUS security systems are compatible with any remote start and can be used to activate a 561T remote start module. *Some features not available on all vehicles. **Available outside of North America only.

Door, hood, trunk and ignition protection

Built-in Stinger® Doubleguard® Shock Sensor

Revenger® 6-tone Siren

Failsafe® Starter Kill

Comfort Closure

Superbright LED

Parking Light Flash

Horn Honk Output

AUX Output

Optional Sensor Input (MUX) Port

Directed CANBUS security systems are all Remote Start compatible and can be used to activate a 561T remote start module.

Price:   149

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