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    Clifford 330X3
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Clifford 330X3 High Speed CAN OE Security Upgrade System. (programmable) Use the OEM keyless entry remote to control arm & disarm of upgrade security via the CAN BUS.

CANBUS allows the Directed system to communicate with the vehicle via high speed digital data, through either a single wire or a twisted pair, which ensures a robust connection with minimal wiring connections to the vehicle.

Connection to the CANBUS eliminates the need for many of the analog necessary in traditional, hard-wired, security systems cutting the installation time, in many cases, down by as much as 50%.

CANBUS communicates with most of the electronic security and convenience systems throughout the vehicle, so the alarm remains in-sync with the vehicle at all times.

When the vehicle is equipped with a factory security system, it works in sync with Directed CANBUS security system and all factory functionality is retained.

Door, hood, trunk, and ignition protection.

Built-in Stinger® Doubleguard® Shock Sensor

• Ultrasonics interior Movement Sensor

• Revenger® 6-tone battery back-up Siren

• Failsafe® Starter Kill

• Comfort Closure

• Superbright LED

• Parking Light Flash

• Horn Honk Output

• AUX Output

• Optional Sensor Input (MUX) Port

Directed CANBUS security systems are all Remote Start compatible and can be used to activate a 561T remote start module.

Price:   229
12 - 15 Workdays

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