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    Clifford 3706X
Clifford 3706X
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Car alarm Clifford 3706X,with 2 remotes.

This car alarm has been created from our company.It doesn't exist  like a model from the manufacturer.It consists of the 3606X alarm with one extra 2-way remote 7756X.The packaging and the instruction that are included in the package are for the model 3606X.

This state-of-the-art Responder LC 2-way Security system will wrap your vehicle in protection, with the most sophisticated electronic technologies available today, including the Stinger® DoubleGuard® shock sensor, Revenger® six-tone siren and Failsafe® Starter Kill. The system also offers in-demand convenience features like keyless entry.

The included 2-way remote will confirm your commands virtually instantly on the large LCD screen of the remote. Rock solid 1 mile range and performance – that’s what the new Clifford 3706 has to offer.

The alarm 3706X is composed of 3706X and a 2-way  remote 7756X.

Key Features:

    Proprietary User interface on a large LCD display

    Rechargeable lithium -ion battery

    D2D for the highest level of connectivity with Performance Matched Xpresskit interfaces

    Control Center with integrated valet switch and bright blue status LED

    SuperCode™ Technology for long reliable 1 mile range

    Auto Re-Arm. If you lock you vehicle and do not enter the system will rearm itself

    Ground when armed sensor port for additional sensors

    Flex Relay for dome light, horn, or trunk release operation

    Upgradable remote start capability with 4003L. Works just like a 5X!

    SmartStart™ Compatible


    One 2 way Responder LC remote (7756X)

    One 1 way companion remote (7656X)

Price:   299

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Click here to download the product manual

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